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About Us


About us

Renova Healthcare is an Indian speciality pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing, manufacturing, registering and marketing high medical value medicines, essentially for Ophthalmological & Dermatological Therapeutical Products.

Renova Healthcare management team has a wealth of regional experience within the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, the team has a well established & in-depth knowledge of the Indian regulatory system, including the Ophthalmology and Dermatology products with novel approaches and proven success. The company was founded in 2005 through strategic alliances with manufacturing, marketing, regulatory & distribution individuals and entities.

Renova Healthcare headquarters are located in India.

Our vision

Renova Healthcare strives to see a world in which each of the Eye & Skin disorders are tackled by innovative, quality and affordable solutions, specially developed to ensure the quality of life that mankind deserves. In this way Renova strives to become a leading Ophthalmology & Dermatology pharmaceutical company offering a first truly specialized commercial platform for the Therapeutical segments.

Our mission

Renova Healthcare is a privately owned speciality company that focuses on manufacturing and marketing of Ophthalmology and Dermatology with a wide range of products that would otherwise have limited exposure in the marketplace.

Our values

Fast – Perfect – In Time – Efficient – Result oriented – Partnering


Quality control

In-house Quality Control Laboratories at the Manufacturing facility having Chemicals, Instruments, Microbiology & Pharmacology Laboratories fully equipped with the state of the art Instruments like High Performance Liquid Chromatography System (WATERS), Gas Chromatography System (HP), Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer (SHIMADZU), Infra-red Spectrophotometers (PE) & other Laboratory Instruments.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Department, a fully autonomous functionality is in place to keep track of each activity, parameters & processes to achieve the quality goal in totality. Quality of each medicinal product is assured by applying TQM techniques by the QA Team.

Raw material, Packing material, In-Process, Finished products & Stability analysis are carried out for ensuring the quality at each & every step of manufacturing. Each product is being tested for Safety, Quality & Efficacy.